If you are looking for a safe, profitable and risk-free investment invest in real estate in Brazil and here I point out some advantages:
1 – The devaluation of the Brazilian currency (real) against the dollar, for example that comes to (3×1) soon, each dollar invested is equivalent to 03 three reais, a property with a real value of one million reais will leave for about three hundred thousand dollars .
2- The crisis provides opportunities for those who have a vision of the future, real estate in Brazil is valued year by year.
3- Monthly income and for long period of time.
Here are some examples:
Start with this property that was sold before the event.

Property located in the State of Minas Gerais in the city of Divinópolis.
Total area: 360 square meters
Property leased to the financial institution, on acquisition the buyer undertakes to lease the property for a minimum period of 10 years, with monthly rent of R $ 12,130.00, adjusted annually by the IGPM
Minimum purchase price R $ 1,626,000.00
2- The second property was put on sale in October 2017 for about R $ 6.000,000.00.

There is a contract already in force until 11/2022, with current lease value of R $ 30,000.00 month, corrected annually by the IGPM.
In the acquisition it is possible to negotiate the expansion of the lease for another 05 years, that is, to extend it until 2027.
The land has a total area of 2,249.43 square meters, and the square meter in the referred location / neighborhood is quoted at R $ 4,876.00.
Taking into account this information the real value only of the property for sale is R $ 11,161,164.00, that is, the buyer already in the acquisition would have a profit of R $ 5,000,000.00.
The location of the property is without false modesty wonderful next to a train station, in avenue, areas always valued for construction of residential and even commercial real estate.
Follows link with aerial images of the property and the region where the property is located:

Finally, the last great investment that would indicate to any investor:

Sale still active, entire condominium, R $ 9,000,000.00. 128 apartments ready.
It is possible to sell them to a value higher than the informed the R $ 110,000.00, in these amounts the venture enters the Government Program Minha Casa Minha Vida, which grants the buyer easy financing and subsidies of up to R $ 45,000.00. Real estate in this price range sell like water in the desert.
The buyer having the financing of the property accepted by the financial agent, finalized the sale the value is paid in full sight to the seller.
I would like to point out that, in relation to the last two investments mentioned above, it is possible to negotiate the final value as well as the form of payment.
Conditions of the lease:
The lease contract has a term of five or ten years, renewable for an equal period.
The buyer of the property also has in some cases the guarantee of receiving an amount referring to a ten-year fine if the bank agent gives up the lease.
The amount of the rent will be adjusted annually by the IGP-M. Payment terms can be paid in cash, with a discount of 5 or 10% on the amount offered. The payment can occur in installments with a minimum entry of 20 or 30% and the remainder in up to 120 installments.
Respected the peculiarities of each business because it is different banking institutions.
Consult us about these and other investments and real estate acquisition in Brazil, we have everything you need, both experience to advise you, as well as the best real estate and industry indications.
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