Real Estate: Foreign investors expand gambling in Brazil

The interest of foreign investors in Brazilian real estate sector has been growing since 2001 , when they entered the country $ 187 million for this purpose . Last year , the injection of outside money totaled $ 3.6 billion . The big news of the last two years is that more conservative investors started to thicken the row of interest .
” And it was only after they were convinced of the ripening of the Brazilian economy ,” says Luciano Santos Rodrigues , a lawyer who mediates the purchase, sale and leasing of properties .
Investors more conservative profile are eyeing the secure income that the Brazilian real estate industry can offer . ” They do not want to take that risk had earlier . Knowledgeable Many have come knowing exactly what they want , sometimes even with the correct address of the property ,” says Santos .
Brazil is considered the second consecutive year , the best market for real estate investment among emerging countries and the second offer the best opportunity for capital gain, after the United States , according to the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate ( Afire ) .
” The most conservative investors who like to choose those properties with rents safer contracts and commercial sets of triple class A. We serve many foreign funds , banks , and family office managers , who seek this kind of investment,” says Ana Cecilia Manente , specializes in corporate and capital Levytá & Sallomão market.
Investors prioritize high commercial buildings , shopping malls , warehouses and logistics industries . According to the index of overall prices of property international consultancy Knight Frank , apartments and houses used in Brazil accounted , in 2012 , the highest among the countries surveyed , 15.2% . Until March this year, however , the high was 12.2 % , lower than the same period last year of 13.7 % .
” While Brazil continues to outperform most traditional real estate markets around the world , the rate of price growth is slower this year ,” said Kate Everett Allen , a researcher of residential at Knight Frank . ” But the maintenance of positive economic growth should attract the interest of investments in this area,” he says.
The entrance doors to foreign investors remains the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro , because they are the most known and to have liquidity in the type of investment chosen . ” If the investor decides to sell the building to a high standard , he knows he will have no problem in these two cities ,” says Santos .
This picture, however , begins to change . In the Northeast , Recife is cited as an example of a city where the liquidity starts to increase and arouse interest in industrial parks and logistics . ” The next wave will be high-end office in Recife , which only has a corporate tower of this type and the demand continues to grow ,” says Santos .
Investor who ‘s been looking for new business opportunities in other regions of the country is Equity International , one American investment fund that placed IS about $ 1 billion in Brazil since 2006 , in companies like Gafisa and construction tent , St. Paul the Thá group of Curitiba , the network of shopping centers BR malls , Rio , and funding of real estate Brazilian Finance & Real Estate ( BFRE ) .
“When we started investing in Brazil , São Paulo was the starting point , and a good place to build a national investment strategy ,” says Tom Heneghan , CEO of Equity International . “We believe there is still much to do in Brazil . Much that we are now in the midst of advanced discussions with a number of potential partners ,” says Heneghan .
Another major investor stepped up its presence in the country is the American fund Paladin , which has invested over $ 2 billion , is a partner of homebuilders You Inc and Living in São Paulo , has 60 projects under execution in the country and has in its portfolio over 25 thousand residential units delivered since high standard properties to the popular Minha Casa , Minha Vida program.
After investing in office buildings and in the hospitality industry , the fund prepares a portfolio of $ 800 million to explore the construction of logistics. ” We should start next year by the state of São Paulo , where we are negotiating the construction of a condominium of 200 000 m2 ” , says CEO Richard Raoul .
Specializing in structuring investments for these funds less capital investment in Brazil , Luciano dos Santos Rodrigues lawyer received six visits this year , has already signed three contracts and keeps another trading . ” The year started good. Investors are interested in trading rooms of high standard.
The countries that access the site for the first contact are the United States, Spain , Portugal and the United Kingdom .

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