The first step for a foreigner buy property in Brazil is to obtain the social security number on any unit of the IRS .
On the acquisition of urban property by foreigners presentation of CPF , passport , proof of residence and country of birth or marriage certificate ( with these certified translation ) is required.
The acquisition of rural property by foreigners is necessary , in addition to the above documents , proof of residence in the national territory and the area of ​​the property may not exceed fifty (50 ) modules (equivalent to hectares ) in continuous or discontinuous area ( the module size varies according to the location of the property ) .
For transfers from abroad to Brazil or to open a checking account at Brazilian banks , foreign need to have , besides the SFC and the passport, visa and proof of permanent residency.
To transfer money from abroad to Brazil , there are two different situations :
The first occurs if the foreign own checking account at any Brazilian bank: just ask the bank has the money transfer , providing data recipient’s bank as the Bank’s name and number , agency , and Swift Current account code ( international code seat);
The second if the alien does not have a bank account in Brazil the maximum that he ‘s able to transfer abroad for himself will be approximately U.S. 5,000.00 (five thousand dollars) to be withdrawn in cash in any bank branch . However he may transfer any amount if a national bank to third parties , should , however , prove the reason for the transfer to the Central Bank of Brazil to release the transferred value (the proof can be a Private Instrument or Deed of purchase and Sale of Property ) .
If you wish to settle in Brazil will need to get a permanent visa granted in the following cases :
( 1 ) Based on marriage to a ( a) Brazilian ( a) ( can be requested after two years of marriage ) ;
( 2 ) Based on having children in Brazilian territory ;
( 3 ) Based on investment of U.S. 50,000.00 ( granting permanent visas to foreigners who want to settle in Brazil in order to invest own funds from external sources in productive activities , subject to proof of investment in foreign currency, equal or greater amount, U.S. $ 500,000.00 (fifty thousand U.S. dollars ) . Yet the same resolution says the National Immigration Council may authorize the granting of permanent visas for foreign investment project which contemplates at least ten new jobs . upon submission of absorption of labor manpower Brazilian , for the five- year plan , even if the investment amount is less than U.S. 500,000.00 the alien does not necessarily need to start a business – there is the option of . put that money into an existing company and turn a unitholder The foreign partner can also use this form to obtain a visa in the past has invested U.S. 500,000.00 in the country ) ;
( 4 ) Based on the law to transform a temporary visa Permanent Work visa ( after four years of temporary visa ) ;
( 5 ) Based on foreign retirement (for over 50 years and with monthly receipts 2,000.00 U.S. )
Other less common forms of getting permanent visa are:
( 1 ) Based on the indication of the position of Director in Statuary Brazilian company ;
( 2 ) Based on the case of a foreign company having a branch or subsidiary in Brazil , and you want to transfer a statutory director or manager for the Brazilian company , since the company has $ 200,000 of foreign investments registered with the Central Bank of Brazil ;
( 3 ) Based on applications for asylum or refugee assistance ;
( 4 ) Based on the law to transform a temporary visa provided teacher, scientist , technician or high-level researcher ;
( 5 ) Based on family reunion.
3.4. In practice …
If you want to get the permanent visa, but do not fall into any of the above situations – ie you’re not a scientist , retired priest, a political refugee , does not work in multinational and do not want to marry a ( a) Brazilian ( a) and or have a child born in the country – the best option is to enjoy the right to obtain such a visa based on investment in the country ( U.S. 500,000.00 or less ) . It is very difficult to differentiate the purchase of a property for residential purpose of a property for commercial purpose (such as B , for example) .
And in this case we can also assist you by advising the best way, with trust and ethics .
If you purchase the property just to spend some time there are no major problems in this case should be used for tourist visa usually requires only the airfare roundtrip , and applies only to the period of this visa travel tourism does not exceed ninety days but may be extended for the same period , totaling a maximum one hundred and eighty days a year.
It should also be noted that in Brazil , besides the price paid for the property , you must have an additional reserve that may reach 9 % of the purchase price for the following expenses :
tax on transfer of real estate ( ITBI ) – costs on average 2.5 % of the property value , but can be higher than 3 % . It is paid to the municipality where the municipality is located the urban property .
Property registration fee – from R $ 400.00 to R $ 5,400.00 – for properties whose value is between U.S. $ 10mil and U.S. $ 175mil . You pay for the Registry of Deeds .
rate real estate bookkeeping – from R $ 400.00 to R $ 5,400.00 – for properties of between R $ 10mil and U.S. $ 175mil , paid to the Notary Office ( responsible for drawing up the deed of sale)
Laudemio Navy – Charged by the Union ( Federal Government ) only in transactions involving properties located along the coast , up to 80m from the sea. Corresponds to 5 % of the property value .
Municipal Laudemio – some municipalities also charge Laudemio on properties located in some areas of the county . The average value of the tax is 2 % of the property value .
For purposes of taxation of non-resident , whether Brazilian or foreign does not have the benefits of exemption or reduction in the payment of the tax. Pay the full rate of 15 % or where the agreement between the countries that determines the agreement . In some cases, the tax may be higher. Improvements on the property apply to everyone and can be added to the purchase amount and brokerage fee and tax paid in the acquisition , since proven to Invoices and Receipts identified .
If you will use the services of an attorney in Brazil and advise that it is easier to use . You have to look at their country a notary who is a qualified professional to do a particular attorney ( is registered at the Consulate of Brazil ) in the official language of the seller . This attorney has to have special powers of sale, sign writing , arranging records , pay taxes and fees, giving and receiving , signing receipts , all in the name of the owner. The attorney does not have an expiration date because it loses the effect with the completion of the deal .
After she made ​​the power of attorney must be validated in an office in the country that corresponds to our registries .
After the owner should seek a Consulate of Brazil and request validation of this authorization , translation into Portuguese of Brazil by a qualified professional (in this case we can state the Sworn Translator ) , present your official document and finally send to the Attorney the same for this provide a record of this in the registry of Deeds and Documents because it is attorney from abroad . Here in Brazil they are registered in Notary of notes .
Documents the seller and the prosecutor
Foreign owner not resident in Brazil
– Birth certificate; marriage certificate ( or death of the spouse ) ; proof of registration of the CPF ( number of registration and receipt) ; valid official document . Copies shall be authenticated by the consulate and if need be prompted official translation .
Attention: the spouse must also have the CPF for sale signs in community property and will also make a power of attorney on the same terms .
Brazilian prosecutor
– RG and CPF , proof of address , bank account in Brazil
foreign Attorney
– Also have to CPF and personal documents . If the alien registration card must be presented ( RNE ) .
The Consulate authenticates all documents and reserves the right to request other documents according to each case.
The documentation is complicated so I recommend a Notary properties is found here in Brazil and the seller see the Consulate abroad to advance to know what will be the most accurate.
As extensively discussed above purchase requires knowledge , caution and patience , so our team of brokers and lawyers specializing in the area can offer the best advice on the purchase of your property whether to settle , invest or set up your business .
Contact us and make the best deal of your life!

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